From researcher to entrepreneur

October 19, 2022

In earlier years, a great deal of research was conducted for the sole purpose of increasing knowledge. Today, technology transfer enables the application and transformation of research results into an actual product or service that benefits the general population, universities and inventors.

In most cases, researchers do not have enough knowledge to become entrepreneurs. The step from researcher to researcher-entrepreneur is a big one and requires knowledge of business, research commercialisation, intellectual property protection, and patent filing. To support researchers to become potential entrepreneurs, a workshop on business development was organised in Belgrade in mid-September 2022. More than 40 researcher-entrepreneurs who participated in the workshop received answers to the question of what business development means and which business areas play a vital role in the development of an enterprise. The workshop also provided answers to how to achieve long-term business development and how the development and implementation of tasks and procedures affect the company's growth. The participants concluded that the workshop provided practical knowledge to those who did not know much about business development and those who wanted to expand their knowledge in this area.